(pdf collection) Samael Aun Weor [Universal Gnosis]

Samael Aun Weor (Hebrew: סםאל און ואור) (March 6, 1917 – December 24, 1977), born Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez, was a spiritual teacher and author of over sixty books of esoteric spirituality.[1] He taught and formed groups under the banner of ‘Universal Gnosticism‘, or simply gnosis. Samael Aun Weor referred to his teachings as ‘The Doctrine of Synthesis’, which not only emphasizes the existence of the perennial …


Iconographic encyclopaedia of science, literature, and art v. 2 (plates)Heck, J. G.; Baird, Spencer FullertonR. Garrigue, 1852 Part of: Iconographic encyclopaedia of science, literature, and artsource https://library.si.edu/digital-library/book/iconographicencplatheckadirect pdf: https://archive.org/download/IconographicencPLATHeckA/IconographicencPLATHeckA.pdf the two images in particular are on pages 409 and 411 of the PDF file (not book)