Popular electricity in plain English v. 1 (1908)(Rare)

https://ia600609.us.archive.org/32/items/popularelectrici01chic/popularelectrici01chic.pdf (Large file will not embed, 130MB)Electric motors, electric railways, electric everything! 1908! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y5LG_TzdIym3OMgErQrzgfPcuZW1SsAY/view?usp=sharing

1000 years of fake history? Introducing Phantom Time Theory

This text below was copied from : https://www.stolenhistory.org/threads/efimok-coin-fomenkos-phantom-time-and-added-1-000-years-of-history.441/ thanks to user KorbenDallas Could not really help it but start this thread on the issue of date depictions. It appears that at some undetermined (so far) time we acquired this digit “1” in the year date on a more or less permanent basis. Prior to it we have either “I – (i)” or the same “I” but …


The contents below may be of relevance to the reader. The contents below is taken directly from : http://forthosewitheyestosee.blogspot.com/2014/07/truestory-usa-happy-4th-of-july.html 02.07.2014 Truestory USA – happy 4th of July 4th of July celebrates the entry of the sun into the 2nd decan of Cancer, which stands for “home”, ergo you have homeland celebrations on this day. This decan is ruled by Scorpio, therefore it …

Map to Azimuthal Projection Converter

This is a tool that one can download to convert their premade 2:1 map to an Azimuthal projection. With this tool, found HERE one can convert their premade map to an azimuthal equidistant map projection equivalent. This program requires your map to be a 2:1 size ratio. * For example, a 1000×500 pixel ratio* Recommend the least distorted map projection available …

The Merkaba

Ancient mystical traditions (such as the Kabbalah), and contemporary channelled information (such as the “Keys of Enoch”) speak of the Merkaba as a vehicle for inter-dimensional travel. As we approach the moment of the Shift, formerly secret teachings about the Merkaba are coming to light. Is it possible to create a living Merkaba field through meditation?

Owning the weather in 2025 Document

In 2025, US aerospace forces can “own the weather” by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications.

Perennial Wisdom The Theosophical Library Summary

Perennial Wisdom Bibliography RELIGION:Hinduism • Buddhism • Jainism • Sikhism • Taoism • Ch’an Buddhism • Hua-Yen Buddhism • Zen Buddhism • Shinto • Tibetan Buddhism • Zoroastrianism • Sufism • Baha’i • Egyptian Mysteries • Hermeticism • Gnosticism • Judaism • Qabbalah • Islam • Greek and Roman Theology • Christianity • Celtic Pantheism • Norse • Zulu • Akan • Minianka • Aztec and Toltec • Maya • Inca • Teton Sioux • Guaymi PHILOSOPHY:India • China • Japan • Tibet • Greece and Rome • Islam • Medieval Europe • Renaissance Europe • Modern Philosophy SCIENCE:Physics • Astronomy • Earth Sciences • Biology • Chemistry • Biomedical Science • Psychology • Mathematics ULTIMATE PRINCIPLE:Hinduism • Buddhism • Zoroastrianism • Taoism • Neoplatonism • Jewish Mysticism • Mystical Islam • Mystic Christianity RELIGION: The Theosophical Library has scriptures and commentaries from sacred traditions around the world. The following quotations were drawn from this collection. They were chosen to illustrate the universality of …