(demonstrations) FE flat horizon rising to eye level*

Demonstrating how the horizon / what we see is directly linked to the observers altitude The higher the altitude the further out we can see, the lower, the less All the while, the horizon rises to the eye level of the observer. A theodolite has 2 eyepieces at different altitudes, one slightly higher than the other — this creates a …

(videos) Bolivian Salt Flats

Check out these Bolivian Salt Flats! It’s flat as hell! No curvature! The reflection in the wet season combined with the added perspective lines really can help a seeking glober visualize how perspective works.

Perspective 3 – There is NO curvature!

After understanding how perspective works, and looking at multiple high altitude weather balloon footage where the horizon is perfectly flat, it is time to get a bit more serious. At heights of 120,000 , there should be noticeable curvature to the tune of the amounts shown on the fish eye cameras. As of writing this article at this time, I …

Perspective Part 2

The following images below are taken from this 40 page PDF file which you may view to learn more if you like what you see below.

Perspective Part 1

Learning perspective is absolutely critical to understanding how our world is truly flat. When Flat Earthers mention “There is no measurable curvature,” many Globers get confused because they cannot understand the meaning of this. What do you mean you can’t see curvature? I’ve seen curvature with my own eyes! I’ve seen curvature by the beach when I see boats disappear, …