(Videos) History of a Flat Earth / What on Earth Happened

What On Earth Happened By Ewaranon Part 1 Click HERE for Full Screen Part 2 Click HERE for Full Screen Part 3 Click HERE for Full Screen Part 4 Click HERE for Full Screen Part 5 Click HERE for Full Screen Part 6 Click HERE for Full Screen Part 7 Click HERE for Full Screen Part 8 Click HERE for …

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(demonstrations) FE flat horizon rising to eye level*

Demonstrating how the horizon / what we see is directly linked to the observers altitude The higher the altitude the further out we can see, the lower, the less All the while, the horizon rises to the eye level of the observer. A theodolite has 2 eyepieces at different altitudes, one slightly higher than the other — this creates a …

Flat Earth Memes 2

This is part 2 of Flat Earth Memes covering various topics. Check out Part 1 first, and see this one after if you wish.

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