Mental Shamanic Control / Embedding in the CUBE OF SPACE (

7 Arrows:

Mental – Shamanic Control / Embedding
in the CUBE OF SPACE..


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– and Dan Winter
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Shamanic Control /Embedding – in the Cube of Space- Course Film with Dan Winter and Sara- – Dec 5 – 150 minutes

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– Stay tuned- Sara will be adding to this series on Shaman Instructions for the sequence of SEVEN FIGURE EIGHT Visualizations:
Mental Control / Embedding of the CUBE OF SPACE..
How she acheives empathic embedding / compassion in therapy- directly helping to bring others to the point of their own bliss (see film).

Shamanic Control of Space – Course and Film with Dan Winter and Sara- PART TWO:00:001:36:55

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Course description with Sara and Dan:
The Shamanic control / embedding in space. Physics of Magic. Spiritual healing from Shamanic Science: – co presented with Sara – see:
– Course Dates : Dec. 5, 2015 – & Feb 6, 2016 – Saturday 2pm EST/NY Time (8pm Paris, 11 am California)
Includes background in how shamans steer tornados (
Introduction to Sara’s shamanic healing work – and background in S.American deep shaman healing tradition
Also introduction to Dan’s work with Angelic science and communication:
How spells are created- even on a planet wide basis (Dee and alchemy and more)
– How each Hebrew/Sanskrit alphabet letter- toroid plasma shadowgram- is in fact a propulsion vector to steer your aura- plasma projection- IN toward a phase conjugate center- MAKING centripetal force.. casting the ‘spell’: graphic intro: , original sacred alphabet animations:

Notes from Dan Winter (intro to film below- note also below – related links to the science – )

We have seen that the 7 symmetry arrows through the tetrahedron – create the map for

1. the origin of Hebrew alphabet

2. the layers of heart muscle

3. the ANU- at the heart of hydrogen, and the heart of the Sun- (more below)

here with the help of shaman training we see how these 7 symmetry arrows – quite literally -THE CUBE OF SPACE

allow a shaman to take control in their mental space- by EMBEDDING –

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Fractal Space Time: Origin of Negentropy – by Daniel Winter- 212p. Edition 2, Dec 2015- Scientific Abstract: Originally Dan Winter’s team ( , ) wave equations proved golden ratio wave mechanics optimizes constructive wave interference, compression and therefore phase conjugation ( ). Then Dan Winter discovered that integer exponents of golden ratio phase conjugation ( perfect fractality )- times planck length and time (musical ‘key signature’ of matter) – dramatically predicted: 1. Hydrogen Radii ( ) , 2. Exact frequencies of photosynthesis ( ) , 3. Exact duration of the Earth year and venus year ( ) , 4. Virtually exact frequencies of the SCHUMANN HARMONICS and BRAINWAVE HARMONICS ( ) , 5. Exact frequencies of ADP (/ATP), 6. Exact frequencies of MAYER WAVE of Blood Pressure/ HRV LF and HF , and Spine liquid pump. Dan Winter calls this phenomenon: Perfected PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC CHARGE COLLAPSE – and thus presents evidence this perfected 3D wave fractality- is the electrical CAUSE of LIFE FORCE/Rejuvenation and a) Negentropy, b) Gravity, c) Perception, d) Color and e) All Centripetal (Implosive) Forces. Winter’s original successful water implosion for growth – invention – used his Hydrogen geometry equations- ( for hydrolysis : ) and more recently – Dan Winter built exactly these frequencies into Perfected Negentropy Rejuvenation Plasma System ( aka Priore )- in – which is now rapidly proving his negentropy for biology hypothesis.

(above image from Allejandra Casado– sequence of visualizations to sort/implode healing energy)

The tetrahedron has the most axes of symmetry of any structure in the universe.
These SEVEN symmetry axis thru the tetra, are called the SEVEN ARROWS. These seven layers of charge rotations are the physics of the origin of the HEART MUSCLE LAYERS (see below), and the origin of sacred alphabets like Hebrew and Sanskirt (see below).
This tetra cubic symmetry is how you converge light (lasers) in order to PHASE CONJUGATE. This creates implosive charge collapse- which is the origin of all biologic negentropy- and the cause of perception (the eye). Compelling physics in Dan Winter’s new book ORIGIN OF BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY ( ). exerpts below.

Fundamental physics- how the 7 axis (tetra cube – called: conjugate 4 wave mixing in optics)
-Here we see this is quite literally the SHAMAN’s EYEBALL –
how the organ of perception in the plasma / aura is created !

Allejandra Casado- has excellent intuition- to use the visualization of the 7 rotations in the tetra- to create the charge collapse/ implosion which creates self organization. That sequence of visualizations also triggers the psychokinesis of the origin of sacred alphabets- and the physics of magic:
animations/ discussion: Origin Alphabet Animations – –

Origin of Hebrew (and Sanskrit)- from Dan Winter- Exactly SEVEN ARROWS ROTATING:

Ophanim/Angel (Plasma) Physics & Connection to Greek

If the word SHEM-AN means ability to project your aura (plasma).. then…

See (the physics- with equations for gravity making)
WHY the SEVEN ARROWS- (symmetry axis of the tetra /cube)- ARE – THE – propulsion vectors for the CUBE OF SPACE

Origin Propulsion & ANU Story : ANU – Seven Spins Outside- Five Spins Inside- ,

also- plasma physics of magic – radio interview- top:
How to cast a SPELL: Radio Interview: DanWinterMikeHarrisLivingPlasmaRadio.mp3
Links for with the Interview: Priore Healing Plasma/Rejuvenation ,
Holy Light (Jerusalem) Plasma Miracle Story,

Newest related article: Experiencing /Playing / Singing- IMPLOSION SOUND:

Latest April 2015: film set on ET Origins of DNA-

Also new: Monoatomics & Plasma Energy- (The deep scientific meaning of temple- as plasma projection / ‘ stargate’)


FOR LOU DEBOURBON’s course OCTAYOGA– please click here:

Caressing the Diamond- with 6 perpendicular ‘lemniscate loops’ (3 perpendicular double dorje)

In the film- I spoke of Lou DeBourbon: OCTAYOGA
here is an image of Lou – with his props- for teaching his original:

6 Perpendicular FIGURE EIGHTS – movement of the DanTien:

Caressing the Facets of the Diamond

Sept 11, 2015: from Lou- “Dear Dan, Thanks for mentioning me in your new project. It’s an honor to be included in your work.
You’ve done a masterful job of communicating my ideas in a clear and concise way.
The trefoil-duo movement has created in me a powerful reverential feeling about space.
It’s an honoring of space when you pass between the planes in one elegant sweep
– almost an obligation to do a yaw when you’ve done a pitch and roll.
 Thanks again for your support. Lou”

(Lou proved he himself developed amazing proprioception/balance/juggling skills- by practicing this motion exercise himself):

6 Perpendicular figure eight motions assembled in 3 axis of pairs- – Double DORJE- make a DIAMOND OCTAHEDRON..

from Lou: ” I’m offering a free introductory class on two interrelated and intertwined activities: Centered space exploration, and Tactile awareness development. We will learn a simple and precise physical movement focusing on our center of gravity (Dantien or Hara). This gentle exercise only takes one or two minutes to do and best of all, it can be done anywhere or anytime. The movement consists of 6 figure eights forming an Octahedron (Diamond). I call this exercise Octayoga. By developing a heightened awareness of the geometry of space and our center of gravity we conserve energy, improve balance, and increase sensitivity. We will take lots of time to play with several fun tactile educational toys: Dyna-flex gyros, contact juggling with Bao Ding balls, special trays for spinning, a variety of Poi for twirling, a Nintendo Wii balance board setup for Hula Hooping and some fine balance challenges. I will touch on three exciting new movement discoveries I have made since I last offered a class on Octayoga several years ago:

1. We are bilaterally symmetrical and by fusing left and right hand trefoil knots I have created a model of three interlocking hearts that makes it easy to develop our bifurcated sides and allow our bodies to loosen up while becoming more ambidextrous. The gestures expressed in the movements are those of wonder and awe.

2. A recent discovery by a German researcher in Geomorphology established the Octahedron as the perfect and only way to create a frictionless bearing. By expanding the figure eight movement we can learn to move in such a way – very exciting!

3. How the Diamond (octahedron) – hardest form of carbon – relates to the Buckminsterfullerene (Buckyball) – carbon’s exciting new form that is transforming our world. Octayoga movement can facilitate awareness of your Buckyball nature.

Christabel Zamor (Hoop Girl) posted this about my last class: “I have to say without a doubt this is the most fascinating and inspirational class I have taken in years! I was blown away by Lou’s visual representations and technical information on using one’s hands in spinning and contact juggling, his metaphoric explanations which make dimensions of movement easy to grasp, and his fun teaching style…All of these exercises (which he terms Octa Yoga) open up so much potential for hoopers to be doing internal transformative sacred geometry work while they externally hoop.”

Later our teaching partner at that time, Ananda Bosman from Norway- adapted the pairs of axes of FIGURE EIGHT MOVEMENTS


in which he- followed the solar plexus sequence of moves- with similar for the heart and then the brain crown (warning- can be powerful / dizzyiing)-
he claims witnesses prove at one point in the series- he physically disappeared.

For a very related example- using FIGURE EIGHT KINESTHETIC to create / orient and repair perception- See Deborah Sunbeck 

By doing the figure eight- walk combined with touch alternate knees ‘cross crawl’ with fixing attention,
Sunbeck has repeatedly proven many cases of dyslexia can be dramatically improved/ healed!

During the figure eight cross crawl motion- if you put your hand on the skull crown
– you can feel the forcing of blood flow ‘conjugating’ and heating the brain center by criss crossing (conjugating -pine cones that kiss noses) the corpus callosum.
– Talk about creating the focus- to create/repair perception!

We emphasize- the bio-physics of dyslexia is clear: INCREASE nervous wiring connection across the corpus collosum of the brain- meaning MORE creativity passing between the (receptive/intuitive) right hemisphere- and the logic/sorted left. The challenge with MORE connection is to narrow the aperture (dept of field in photo optics)- to thus INCREASE the sorting. By DOING the figure eight walk / cross crawl- this necessary TYING OF THE KNOT- tightens this slip-knot- helping to restore the (phase conjugate) ABILITY TO SORT!



Creativity State MEASURED!+KnotSlipping-Into DNA-Alphabet of Genes …

Knot Slipping – Into the Coeur of DNA-Alphabet of Genes!

The RING in DNA – Genetically Going in Circles May Eventually Turn Ring – Alphabet of Angles into the Ring…of DNA.. Implosion
Origin of Alphabets: Pure Geometry of Embedding- Donut Nests as Creation
based on Dan Winter’s work –
7 Arrows of the Heart and 7 Colors of the Rainbow, from the Hydrodynamics of the Perfect Ink ‘Drop’?Toroidal donut shaped ink drop in free fall in laminar folded coherent (sacred) water self organizes into the 7 symmetry arrows of the tetra…

proving the physics of color in why the photon donut self organizes into the 7 colors of the rainbow when passing thru the compression sorting – ‘traffic jam’ of the prism.

see the white light where they overlap…(Reference: Alphabet of the Heart manuscript at ) Tt would also be important to see the original pics on the fusion symmetry slip knot map which is the heart of hydrogen / ANU, the human heart and the Heart of the Sun..

7 Arrows, 7th Seal, 7th Sign, and Septuagesima… The Re-Ept-EL of SSS Ept – DNA Turns Inside Out and YOU get a Soul..

from Dan Winter

If you were inspired to help steer your own DNA into ensoulment- during the charge compressing process of bliss.. it might be helpful to more clearly visualize the symmetry path..Where is the biophysics behind the concept of 12 stranded DNA? (dodeca wratchet=5 spins -DNA helix- then BRAID 7 more times till it turns inside out. DONUTs & becomes LORD OF THE RING – see ringlord..

The thread that begins DNA is a wratcheted dodeca. Since a dodeca is a spun (3d / tesseract) cube.. that makes this thread 5 dimensional (spin symmetries superposed).

Below note that the SEVENTH time you recursively BRAID this thread in a string in a rope in a…. that it turns inside out! ( 12 STRANDS – means the 12th superposed symmetry spin / dimension)

Realizing how to spin the tail of DNA inside out, is like learning how to turn lightning in to ball lightning.

You start with a tornado – then you teach it to eat its own tail..

On the seventh time you recursively do the braid process within DNA.. it learns to become a donut…

exerpt PHYSICS AND TOROIDAL DNA papers – from Mystery of LORD OF THE RING – Explained – DNA becomes Source of Gravity!(goes with the book -“Return of Enki’)Implosion Group publishes Dan Winter’s SOLUTION to the Genetic SCIENCE behind LORD OF THE RING!!.. ( exerpt from ‘Grand Attractor’ new book )lavishly illustrated 22 page – printable exerpt Download here (1.4meg) RingLordScience.pdf

This article is a sequel to: “The CONJUGATE MIND: Longitudinal Wave Solution to Consciousness, Compression, and the PERFECT FLAME” from Dan Winter, Feb 2013

It is often said that the ‘tongues of flame’ for PENTECOST are so named because 50 (PENTE) is the total number of faces (facets) of the nested platonic solids. (see Star Mother Kit- – the proven geometry of hydrogen radii- per Dan Winter’s new equation).

Octa-faces 8, Tetra-faces 4, Cube-faces 6, Dodeca-faces 12, Icosa-faces 20 , total= 50 PENTE-the consumation (plasma implosion) of perspective =

See PHASE CONJUGATION: The CAUSE of Perception – Chapter of my book: Origin Biologic Negentropy: phase conjugate wave mechanics of perception, p175-181.

Interesting that the number of directions from which longitudinal wave interferometry – ( the so called holy grail of plasma fusion- see the physics below..)- must converge in order to make the ‘cold flame’ of plasma fusion – is…

-first the 4 wave mixing – tetra cubic symmetry (the way you set up lasers to make time reversal/negentropy in phase conjugate optics- AND the way AGNI HOTRA- makes the fertilizing/rejuvenating healing plasma).

– 2nd- the 4 wave mixing (of the lasers for example) must then nest in the PHASE CONJUGATOR (the non-linear phase conjugate mirror- material itself, barium-strontium titanate for example – see “Alice in Barium Titanate Land” for how magical this physics becomes). The point here – is that the REASON the phase conjugate material is so magical (implosive/ negentropic /self-organizing ) is because the molecular geometry of that material – precisely embeds the tetra cubic symmetry (above)- IN to the DODEC / ICOS symmetry….



Above- how the tetrahedra nest in the cube

below how the cubic approach of waves (light) creates PHASE CONJUGATION –

sorts negentropically- creating PERCEPTION- by implosive collapse

Note here- practical example of the NEGENTROPY- of tetra/cubic 4 wave mixing PHASE CONJUGATION: namely AGNI HOTRA (very fertilizing)

Free Preview extract from Dan Winter’s new book: Fractal Space Time
this free preview pdf is 33 pages from the chapter on
Bioactive Field –
Physics of KUNDALINI
and Agnit Hotra

in other words- the so called COLD FLAME of HEALING ( see PRIORE DEVICE- rejuvenation field: film updated there) -happens precisely when the tetra cubic symmetry complete their embedding ( see MERKABBAH – animated here) – in the dodec / icos. This then completes the total of 50 FACES (8 octa, 4 tetra, 6 cube, 20 dodec, 12 icos) PENTE- COST necessary to sustain the FLAME THAT DOES NOT CONSUME- COLD PLASMA ( ) healing fire. ( see “Flame in the Mind”)

we compare this to the archtypal concept of PRANIC HEALING LIGHT..

and – sacred flame- of Greece..

What this flame looks like- based on how it is assembled – in (charge) wave mechanics: (below 4 views)

Note how the ‘phase conjugate’ cadduceus assembles at center below- where each sine wave converges with the superposed golden ratio longer ‘perfect embedded’ conjugate wave:

— 4 animations from Dan Winter- what happens when the “Pente” cost- tongues of flame- plasma – fuse:

1. timestars, 2 sun clr

3 grail, 4 alphabet..

What exactly was SHINING Mr. Gardner? …
The Sacred Geometry of charge / bliss hygiene to ignite DNA into the (Implosive & Radiant) Grail Ring
– Solving the mystery Laurence Gardner poses when he says the SHINING ONES- authored the Grail AND the Lord of the RING
 (from ‘Realm of the Ring Lords’).

We wonder who understands what it takes for the blood to glow charge radiance?..The Magnetic X.. Super DNA.. when DNA braids densely into a RING in the presence of BLISS / charge density.

What – alphabet of symmetry on the ring torus.. compresses the charge into this trick .. which checks for which waves are shareable?

boson 7

7 color rainbow

cone of eye


sigil ophanim


codefine tetra / labryinth

quote from Dan Winter’s first book: Alphabet of the Heart:

The systematization of the learning of color, arises directly also from tracking donut spin.
The photon light donut has only ONE shape. Rainbow/prism is the creation of the harmonics
of phase tilt, by focus self cancelling non-symmetric phase interference. Focus causes disorder
to be self-destructive.
The three possible primary colors are the 3 axes of graduated tilt of one photon donut. Three
perpendicular spins are related in all possibilities by tilting one donut. Visualize the three
ways your could slice a donut, x, y, and z. You would catch it spinning on three axes at once.
The three perpendicular pairs ARE the primary colors. Their relative tilt IS their relative mix.
Visible light is ONE octave, 440 to 880 angstroms, because the side view of the figure
eight/donut is half as wide as the front view. Red is the packing side of the vortex photon’s
approach (Adom/red in Hebrew means hard-making, Yang). Blue is the unpacking, Yin side
of the vortex’s approach. The eye’s catcher for color is a cone, because that is what wave
mechanics uses to measure phase angle/tilt. We must then consider GREEN, as in
Photosynthesis, Green Tara, The Green Heart fractal, and the “Emerald Modem” (below, & cf:
Richard Leviton). Being perfectly balanced between the dense making Red (Eros) and the
unfolding unpacking Blue (Tantra, Marian, Cobalt, Cathedral), Green is the necessary tilt or
phase necessary to navigate between worlds (Sushumna). (cf. video, and Oldchurch article.)
The Hebrew letters themselves, may prove that color is phase tilt:”

exerpt from: 7 Arrows of the Heart and 7 Colors of the Rainbow, from the Hydrodynamics of the Perfect Ink Drop? ( )7 Arrows of the Heart and 7 Colors of the Rainbow, from the Hydrodynamics of the Perfect Ink ‘Drop’?Toroidal donut shaped ink drop in free fall in laminar folded coherent (sacred) water self organizes into the 7 symmetry arrows of the tetra…

proving the physics of color in why the photon donut self organizes into the 7 colors of the rainbow when passing thru the compression sorting – ‘traffic jam’ of the prism.

see the white light where they overlap…(Reference: Alphabet of the Heart manuscript at ) Tt would also be important to see the original pics on the fusion symmetry slip knot map which is the heart of hydrogen / ANU, the human heart and the Heart of the Sun..

The Top Part of the above image (Steiner’s Inversion)- Drawing by Daniel Moreau, From: The Harmony of the Human Body-Musical Principles in Human Physiology By Armin Husemann

exerpt from —>Pure Geometric origin of RAINBOW:Photons traveling as toroidal donut domains.encounter the one lane traffic jam called PRISM,forced to SHARE SPIN then most efficientlythey discover that they can nest 7 different waysto tilt ALL IN ONE SPACE, by entering the7 spins of the tetra..thus emerges from the foci of the prism, the only surviving (ABLE TO SHARE!)photon donuts SORTED into the 7 tilts of the tetrahedron,(see semi transparent CONIC tetra prism as sorting device in animation, same symmetry as heart muscle -above link- which is designed to sort for the shareable – labeled “pure intention”)which are then measured in their tilt or phase (which measurement of donut photon tilt WE CALL “COLOR”)by the CONE of the eye(IN WAVE THEORY CONIC ANTENNAE ARE NEVER USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN MEASURING PHASE TILT)..note that when the 7 tilts are superposed the LIGHT IS WHITE (delay frame in animation)..see purple 1/2 wave length to red, 440-880 angstroms is one incubeating octave..side view tilt of photon donut tilt is 1/2 width/wave as front..(“all we see are shadows on the wall of the cave”, up from flatland..grokking dimension is to get up off the cross [fft] to the heart of the matter)the tetra prism is almost transparent purple just visible in the middle frames,note: purple is the blue merging inside out of (adom=red=adamic=HARD making) is centriPEDAL, converging, yang, male, seed making..the blue is the true unpacking flux divergent side of the photon, “sacre blue”-centriFUGAL… yin, female, wet making “ieve”=make permission to touch..Adam as adom Hiburu for RED .. to make hard, make separate, make seedvsIeve= to make wet, make permission to touch, to make word=create domain symmetries which interfere constructively- touch permissive – pure geometric origin of alphabet as fields spiral element vortex nested into touch permissive platonics.. tetra symmetries incubeate non implosive field alphabet domains.. Hiburu syntax for dna tilts into un-ensouled golem.. IN CONTRAST to field domains nested into the superset DODECA symmetries CALLED OPHANIM or ENOCHIAN or ADAWI alphabet [used to make the movie STARGATE] see -bottom make egg is the most fractal operation possible.. key to merkabbah all reach into the lucid dream (merkabbah) as ONE (common vortex wormhole songline), RE MEM BER the turns of intent spin path back into mothers egg, which since already born in HER mother… takes each who RE MEM BER back into the common POINT of reference.. “big bang”..

re-mothering as a theory of CONTINUOUS CREATION (duane elgin)..


See how the 7 circuit labyrinth – actually implies the 7 turning spiral -turning inside out (Hopi)

thanks to Liliana Amieli (click for her link)

Kay Torrez group in collaboration with Taffy Lanser and others working with the new national labyrinth organization (planning a national conference this year), put together this lovely illustration of how to use labyrinth convergence magnetic paths specifically to initiate communication with the elemental forces. We feel strongly that active collaboration with these elemental and gnome forces is survival related to making it thru the extreme magnetic compression approaching us with the solar maxima events (like Aug 11) associated with the millenium. Rapture is a name for non destructive survival of magnetic compression (see ). This is discussed as the way home for the genetic memory at (bottom) Elementals (The Sylph King Speaks on Elementals and other things) like in the movie ‘Fairy Tale’ can make themselves known to human only where magnetic convergence lines can braid approach each other more densely. It is this successful non-destructive infolding of magnetics which is PRECISELY THE PRINCIPLE OF HOW A LABYRINTH FACILITATES THE SORTING OF MAGNETISM INTO ‘the shareable’.Learning about Labyrinth’s Across Americaclick for Labyrinths of the SouthWest with Taffy LanserLabyrinth Creating and Walking with Intent, on the Land can sort Magnetic Tangles (GeoPathic Zones), can help re-draw ground water into magnetic flowering, help with dyslexia,with creativity, begin to embed your back yard and bio-region into the global magneto-gravitiv fractal..with thanks to Marty Cain,who Teaches the Profound Relation Between Where the Labyrinth Turn Points Lie, and the Flowering of the UnderGround Water, and the healing of the land and those who… “by turning and turning they come round right”.for Labyrinth Building Info (Magnetic Map of Your Back Yard to “Embed”)Marty Cain –martycain.comIf you had to do the actions necessary to be born,the first move you ever made,was to turn inside out..when the ectoderm and the endoderm switch places,((turning inside out))then you know the egg is going to become a begin the dimple (vortex) deepens,as the spin added by sperm,learns the geometry of recursion:

now if you needed a mnemonic device in order to remind you of the kinesthetic feeling of walking around on the surface of the moebius which is the donut turning inside out…which makes the dimpling sustainable architecture…you might find a way to project the 7 color donut map (codefining the 7 spins of the tetra)….onto a flat surface (flatland) shadows on the wall of plato’s cave..this would give you the 7 circuit, starting with the “Greek Key”, which is the inside then outside stepping of the Flamenco (Flame-In-Go)..we add a turn to arrive a the 7 circuit Cretan/Minoan Labrinth..A Kinesthetic Mnemonic To Weave the Spin Path to Turning Inside Outinto Body Memory..from 1D..Greek Keyto 2D…Labyrinthto 3D…7 Color Donut..Learning to Lead Magnetic Paths to Recur (Turning Inside Out), is the Memory of How to Sort Them.. And Thus Give themEl(turn) into the Eye(focus) of Phi(recursion),

or “El-Eye-Phi”..LIFE.


Is the origin of true implosive propulsion: A Flame Letter Strip on the Torus- creating ‘translation of vorticity’..

From Dan Winter, Nov 30, 2014: Path of self similar implosion=origin alphabets=origin propulsion=aura navigation
– A rotary path of self similar zero resistance in space (what I call implosive coherence) exists
which is behind all vacuum coherence technologies: a coherent perpetual oscillator.
I believe I have identified- that path:
the phi recursion fractality based implosion of the vacuum by phase conjugation to planck dimension
my new book: Fractal Space Time) .

It is profound that the correct path is the same spiral on the torus
which is the origin of Sanskrit and Hebrew ( )
Compare this ‘flame letter’ origin of alphabet / symbol
-to the ANU perfect slip knot – origin of Quark– in modern physics:

This same perfect spiral strip- implosion slip knot – we also showed is the correct path (accurate fluid and flux inertia spiral path mapped on the torus)
to create propulsion (how the Vimana – and the Nazi bell flew) ref:
(see the nonlinear hydraulic propulsion section – navier stokes equations optimize).

Causing your mind / brain`(optical cortex as dream ‘spell’ charge hologram)
plasma field to focus on (literally take the SHAPE of)
the correct shadow angle of that spiral
(called a Hebrew Sanskrit letter)
is the only way you have of navigating your (‘KA’) self as a (toroidal) plasma body during dreaming / death..
identifying all necessary directional propulsion vectors..
sacred letter pronunciations (pro-noun see A tion/inside out ness)
– as physics of creation- symmetry sequence of (Golem making)
– ‘blown smoke rings’.

The same spiral shadow by power spectra creates the SOUND of that letter
– the sonic hologram is the optical hologram.
see- spectrograms of the hebrew alphabet (above link).

The RATIO of idealized self similarity (fractality) is golden ratio.

So having shown THIS fractality is the cause of gravity, perception, life force and all negentropy,

this also must be in fact the reason that all time space is quantified by planck length and time
because all unified fractals have to grow from a single (unifying) seed.

exerpt below – from Dan Winter’s new book announcement : Fractal Space Time – Cause of Gravity, Negentropy ..

Implosion Group original index: , Origins of Negentropy Project intro:

Dan Winter’s Compelling new Book- A Scientific Tour de Force- from Implosion Group Publishing..
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Fractal Space Time

Full Title:

Fractal Conjugate Space & Time:
Cause of Gravity, Negentropy and Perception.

Conjuring Life- The Fractal Shape of TIME
Geometric Origins of Biologic Negentropy.


The MOST audacious hypothesis since the dawn of science!
Winter presents overwhelming hard evidence- fractal conjugate (golden ratio) wave mechanics
is the CAUSE of gravity, life force, perception, and spiritual immortality.
(and so far NO one has presented a shred of evidence that he is wrong??)

A complete tour-de-force- with astounding implications for virtually every branch of science:
using Winter’s accurate new equation the frequency recipe: most EVERY wave system can be tuned to emerge from chaos!
– The Schumann Earth harmonics – (Winter PROVED- are a phase conjugate pump wave)
– can be tweaked to bring climate and atmosphere OUT of chaos.
The SAME frequency recipe from Winter’s equation can PRODUCE simple charge environments (AND EEG signatures)
– to RESTORE human attention. ..and this is just the beginning!
Winter’s group has already a promising
(Priore re-invented using the precise PRINCIPLE of conjugation) rejuvenation field prototype -based exactly on this frequency set.

THE GENERALIZED WAY OUT OF CHAOS- in- to the pure principle of sustainability
– THAT is what the origin of NEGENTROPY is.
Complete physics of non-linear propulsion: impulse vs warp gravity field projection explained in detail.
We have the pure physics of alchemy now that the PRECISE wave geometry of non-destructive collapse is defined.
Precise physics of fusion energy- now that the wave mechanics of charge fusion is precisely defined
(hint: if you know HOW to make a phase conjugate longitudinal pump wave- the brain does it- called ‘ flame in the mind’
-but instead – in the microwave, this is the absolute holy grail of plasma containment for fusion solution. )

Dan Winter’s new book presents the most compelling and systematic scientific evidence to date – that fractality in space and time is the specific mechanism and cause of gravity, biologic negentropy, life force, perception, and human bliss. Although several hugely famous authors have already presented their books on fractality in time- by comparison – this book shows they were functionally clueless about the physics. Winter quotes many scientists who have already speculated that fractality is the cause of gravity- BUT Winter is the first to very specifically define the frequency, geometry, and wave mechanic optimization of that gravity causing fractality.

“Everything Centripetal, Negentropic, Gravity Producing, or ALIVE
– becomes so – by BEING a (perfect wave fractal) PHASE CONJUGATE PUMP WAVE!”

Winter’s work (with his mathematics team- including Martin Jones )- was the first to prove the wave equations showing golden ratio solves the problem of max constructive interference, compression, and phase conjugation. SO phase conjugation – well known and proven in optics for time reversal, self organization and negentropy- now becomes a candidate for proving negentropy in general (many physicists agree that the gravity is itself negetropic / self  organizing). Originally- just Dan’s theory – that golden ratio phase conjugate multiples of planck length and time – the universal key signature of the vacuum- would optimize negentropy. Winter has now gone on to prove it. He was famous for proving that hydrogen radii are exact golden ratio phase conjugate multiples of Planck. In his new book Winter has assembled with equation graphics results overwhelming further evidence- that golden ratio exact multiples of planck predict: * photosynthesis frequencies, * schumann resonance frequencies, * brainwave frequencies causing peak perception/ bliss, *(new) table showing the sacral cranial tidal frequencies are phase conjugate , * new table showing the ear ringing ‘sound current’ frequencies heard by meditators are phase conjugate !, *almost exact duration of Earth AND Venus orbital years,  – the list goes on … (dodeca /icosa conjugate geometry of d,f electron shell noble gases and platinum group metals- physics of alchemic implosive charge collapse- new science of transmutation..). These are all the structures which produce life and negentropy! They fit the pattern far too well- for this to be arbitrary.

Everyone agrees that fractality is infinite compression. Fractal mathematics teaches the mathematics of infinite compression but until Winter- no one knew what a fractal FIELD was. Golden Ratio is unquestionably self-similarity optimized- as precisely is fractality. Einstein argued that gravity was infinite charge compression- but never learned what a fractal was. Winter now presents overwhelming evidence that golden ratio phase conjugation IS fractality incarnate in all wave mechanics. IF Winter is right with his exact frequency signatures for fractality in space and time- he clearly presents how to repair all wave systems to emerge from chaos- fixing environments for peak perception, amplifying the Schumann phase conjugate pump wave so Gaia climate emerges from chaos- are just the beginning. Fractality in time is now quantized and predictable- you can set your calendar. Synchronicity is nothing more than the charge coupling produced by conjugate embedding – in the (fractal) charge rotation intervals- called time. How to emerge from chaos- starts with knowing why objects fall to the ground- now for the first time both questions are answered- in pure fractal highly accurate wave mechanics: HOW negentropy originates!

Predictably with Winter, there is also a deeply spiritual aspect to his new book. He claims that ALL concepts of ‘sacred space’ (bioactive fields- the SHEM), collective unconscious, communion of saints, and living plasma surviving death (NDE)- are specifically explained and can be created and optimized intelligently with the teachable science of ubiquitous phase conjugate dielectrics, optics, magnetics etc (Elizabeth Rauscher has acknowledged Winter for inventing phase conjugate magnetics). He insists spiritual traditions are ONLY completed with a new and powerful fractal geometry wave physics- eliminating the need for disempowering miracle worship, personality worship.. AND religion wars.

(The Fractal Space-Time equations here form the basis of a developing technology of Life Force – Plasma Rejuvenation Field – re-invented PRIORE device – see below)

–Winter draws on a lifetime experience as Magna Cum Laude Electrical Engineer, Trained IBM Systems Analysis, 30 years of teaching and invention biofeedback, the physics of consciousness, physics of feng shui .. he currently coordinates multiple international teams involved in Breakthru-Technologies as well. With about 1/4 million – various YOUTUBE films of his 30 years of teaching in most every major country on the planet- (to our knowledge no one has more) Winter is a major force in the global project of teaching serious spiritual science.

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Dan Winter wrote: “Would not recursive iteration climax in golden ratio phase conjugation wave function?”……… Feedback:
Reply from – Lori Gardi ‘Fractal Women’ – ” This is exactly what I am saying. The Universal Wavefunction (iterated wave function system) generates the phi relationship via the simultaneous expansion-contraction dynamic.  The phase conjugate wave function is just the complex conjugate of the incident wave function. In my theory, phase conjugate waves corresponds to the negative and positive imaginary components of the Mandelbrot set. Updating Physics evidence- Dan Winter’s Phase Conjugate Fractal theory of gravity- predicts the physics literature is likely mistaken for inventing ‘dark matter’ merely because they could not account for more gravity in the universe than it’s mass required- BECAUSE physics is unaware the ARRANGEMENT (conjugate symmetries)- of the mass- would increase the AMOUNT of gravity (per Winter’s model)- YET much evidence shows the arrangement of mass in the universe (like in the Earth)- is dominantly (golden ratio conjugate) DODECAHEDRAL! – New physics article- may support this: What If Dark Matter Were Actually A Vast Electric Field?

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