(demonstrations) FE flat horizon rising to eye level*

Demonstrating how the horizon / what we see is directly linked to the observers altitude

The higher the altitude the further out we can see, the lower, the less

All the while, the horizon rises to the eye level of the observer.

A theodolite has 2 eyepieces at different altitudes, one slightly higher than the other — this creates a measured difference in the output image seen / the data available afterwards

360 degrees of the observer, this horizon remains flat, continues to rise up to the observer’s eye level FROM ALL ALTITUDES WE HAVE SEEN : Rocket, drone, plane, and high altitude balloon footage, reaching higher than 25+ miles 120,000FT

Ground-Stratosphere multiple takeoffs
ISS Lens corrected footage shows a flat local plane, with landmarks in magnitudes of 3X the proper size when factoring in the hard curve of the segmented shape of the earth

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