What does Hinduism say about the shape of the Earth?

Maruthi Sreenath

Maruthi Sreenath, started spiritual journey , kundalini yoga

In Vedas Bhu-mandala is mentioned ,mandala means circular ,it clearly says earth is stationary, flat or plane circular with all stars,wandering stars(grahas or planets) 6 realms(lokas) above earth etc revolving circularly around plane earth.

Read book ,SAILING TO JAMBÜDVÉPA The Mäyäpur Vedic Planetarium and the Flat Earth According to Çrémad-Bhägavatam By Mäyeçvara däsa https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&…

Gravity is bogus theory. Objects fall down to earth due to relative density. Study density and buoyancy on Google.

What Are The 14 Lokas Or Worlds According To Hindu Mythology


Our vedic pandits misunderstood flat earth cosmology in Vedas and falsely translated those texts to suit modern globe earth theory.

NASA fooled the whole world ,by using fish eye lens camera in sky to show fake round curvature of earth, and computer generated or photoshopped Images of globe earth planets,sun ,moon, Although sun,moon appears as round ball when seen in telescope ,they are not solids,but luminaries.

This below picture is our universe . lokas are dimensional realms.

According to vedas Actually planets or Grahas- Surya (Sun),Chandra (Moon), Budha (Mercury), Shukra (Venus), , Mangala (Mars), Guru (Jupiter), Shani (Saturn) ,rahu, ketu are wandering stars .see any Hindu temple, you see these nava grahas in everytemple

There are total 9 grahas which has quantum effect on human DNA,conciouness ,they are 5 – Mer,Venus ,Mars ,Jup, Sat + sun(masculine in nature ),moon(feminine) ,RAHU(north lunar node ), KETU(south lunar node).

URANUS, NEPTUNE are not wandering stars so didnt included in our astrology,since they very far from us , remains in particular rasi(costellation) throughout a year . when observed through telescope they don’t “move” with any observable speed in the short term as they are lot more far away than the farthest Graha Saturn.

All these 9 grahas present in upper Dimensional realms(lokas) of Bumandala (flat earth) are actually know as wandering stars ,self luminious . All moving in orbits around the Flat earth,our whole universe revolves around flat earth .

Eclipses caused by NORTH LUNAR NODE RAHU ,but not by shadow of earth(lunar eclipse),or by moon(solar eclipse) as claimed by modern scientists.

See how planets looks like:

Flat Earth Reality vs CGI (computer generated Imagery) Planets are actually wandering stars

Flat Earth – The real Venus above the flat plane

Are Stars suns, trillions of miles or light years away from us as NASA claims?

No ,they are few thousands of miles away from earth, situated above 7th dimensional realm (loka) above earth ,attached to firament dome ,circulating in orbits around flat earth.

see footage of stars:

Shooting The Stars “Procyon part 2” with Nikon Coolpix P900 Geocentric Flat Earth

SIRIUS star on flat earth

What Stars Really Look Like – Sirius at 300x Magnification (In Focus!)

Frequency of the Heavens: Cymatics, Bio & Sonoluminescence, actual stars and planets

Freemasonary NASA controlled by illuminati rothschilds (human hybrids,children of evil) decieved the whole world by Computer generated or photoshopped Images of globe earth, planets,sun ,moon .

Solar system that we are learning in our NCERT books is fake, we are being brainwashed from childhood to believe this lie by teachers, media, movies etc which they themselves have no idea about flat earth.

There are no strong scientific proofs to protve earth is spinning ball other than ,CGI images, NASA propaganda. But there are many scinetific proofs to say earth is stationary and flat. Read eric dubey’s book suggested below.

Fake Globe earth ,solar system,godless empty space ,all changed the way we percieve our world, discredited our ancient knowledge and kept us in ignorant about how universe works.

They made scientific community around world to believe this globe earth,helieocentric model.

No man has ever ascended higher than 300 miles, above the Earth’s surface. No man has ever orbited,landed on, or walked upon the moon in any publicly known space program. If you doubt this please explain how the astronauts walked upon the moon’s surface enclosed in a space suit in full sunlight absorbing a minimum of 265 degrees of heat surrounded by a vacuum.” –

William Cooper

Before the first Apollo mission ever even cleared the launch pad, eleven NASA astronauts died in highly suspicious “accidents.” Gus Grissom, Roger Chaffee and Ed White were all cremated together in an Apollo capsule fire during a completely unnecessary and dangerous test where they were strapped down and locked into a 100% oxygen chamber which incinerated the three of them to death in seconds. Seven other astronauts, Ted Freemen, Charles Basset, Elliot See, Russell Rogers, Clifton Williams, Michael Adams and Robert Lawrence died in six separate airplane crashes, and Ed Givens in a car crash! Eight of these deaths were in 1967 alone.

So many astronauts coincidentally dying under such circumstances is highly unlikely, and lends credence to the idea that these were intentional hits by theMasons trying to find the right people to sell their hoax.

India too faked moon mission

Former ISRO scientist claims Chandrayaan never existed to begin with

Nobody gone to mars or moon ,because they are just lights ,manifestation of god field, there is barrier above atmosphere called dome firmament which obstructs any physical objects from going further obove into sky,no rocket gone above atmosphere which is few tens of miles high,all rockets of fraud space agencies turn parabolic path and fell far into oceans ,claiming that it is successful launch. Don’t de duped

Everybody is decieving everybody else, it is prestige issue for russian,indian,china etc countries scientists that they are faking and making others believe that they achieved that state. If one of them say earth is flat then they will be ridicued and looses respect and credibility all over world .

something is going on between scientific communities of various coutries around world ,we dont know that.

Read this book – 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball – Eric Dubay

Dubay Eric – The flat-earth conspiracy

Download and read these below FLAT EARTH books pdfs

The earth plane pdf (By Eric Dubey)

The Earth Plane.pdf

(Eric Dubey)


200 proofs that earth is not a spinning ball.(


Google reads

The Greatest Lie on Earth: Proof That Our World Is Not a Moving Globe Paperback – free pdf

The Greatest Lie on Earth

One Hundred Proofs that the Earth is not a Globe Kindle Edition

by William Carpenter



A Plane Truth from

the Ancients

to the Abrahamic Bibles

to Modern Times

James W. Lee




The Mäyäpur Vedic Planetarium and the FLAT EARTH According

to Shréemad-Bhägavatam

By Mäyeçvara däsa


More Books

Zetetic Astronomy Earth Not a Globe

– Samuel Rowbotham


Zetetic Cosmogeny – Thomas Winship

Or Conclusive Evidence That the World Is Not a Rotating-Revolving-Globe, but a Stationary Plane Circle


Heaven and Earth – Gabrielle Henriette


Copied from the book Heaven and Earth Gabrielle Henriet, from …


Terra Firma – David Wardlaw Scott

The Earth Not a Planet, Proved From Scripture, Reason and Fact


Kings Dethroned – Gerard Hickson


see youtube videos of flat earth eric dubey ,arctic sun,antarcatic sun, anrcatica ice wall, supicious flight routes on southern hemisphere,etc Earth is much bigger than that is appeared today ,earth exists beyond antarcatica.

Google vedic cosmology, see all images .google ‘ 14 lokas of vedas “

Loka is Dimesnional realm . This is our universe(

) ,emerged from god( higher dimensional conciouness or intelligence ,it is 7Dimesnional ). Normal humanity today has mostly Three dimesnional conciouness or intelligence .

There is also some misinfo in vedic cosmology,entities living in it,they included heliecontric earth theory,globe earth included in it which if false.see below picture ,globe earth included falsely. Earth is plane and circular

There are many such universe bubbles in our cosmos


. Every universe is a closed feed back loop system consists of earth like habitat,stars, dimensional realms(lokas) , having parts of higher coniouness (living entities) evolving to reconnect back to God(higher conciouness) .

In our universe ,threre are upper 7 dimesnional realms(subtle) starting from earth ,correspnding to 7 human chakras and lower 7 dimesnional realms( gross),nature of conciouness in lower realms is opposite(inverted) to upper divine creative conciouness ) . VISHNU is magnetic field or energy lying on sesha NAGA (subtle reptilian entity,cosmic serpent emerged from god conciousness,which involves in creation, manifests into both divine avatar and evil avatar -LUCIFER). Reptilians(NAGAS) in lower realms are smaller versions of it. SHIVA is electrical energy energed along with vishnu , BRAHMA is cosmic soul emerged from vishnu’s centre , navel ,and is manifested into Dimensional realms or spaces . HUAMAN SOUL itself is mini version of universe having all these cosmic force fields in it manifesting into conciousness ,still evolving .

Different cosmic force fields represented as gods and godesses with pictures in vedas . Male energies – electrical energy(God SHIVA) ,magnetic energy(VISHNU), VISHNU-SHIVA(both electromagentic energy in creation) ,soul(BRAHMA) ,and their consort female energies – kundalini (godess PARVATHI,activating energy) , likewise LAKSHMI, SARASWATHI are different female energies ) , and all emerged from highest level of conciousness (supreme god, zero point field ,genderless, neutral field BRAHMAN) , these forces exists within us and outside us ,these energies again manifested into conciouness from 3D evolve to 7D level(kundalini reaching to 7th chakra ) to reconnect with that supreme god (ZPF) .At 7D all these above male-female ,+ve -ve energies completely merges with each other to become one gendrless neutral field(ZPF).. Creation is nothing but Zero Point Field(highest level of conciouness) understanding itself .

There are many entities human souls living in these realms. Human souls after death goes into one of these realms depending upon their level of cociouness(3D or higher) ,nature of conciouness(good or bad mentality ,deeds ) and again incarnate on earth ,this continues untill human soul spiritually or intellectually evolve into 7th dimensional conciouness to connectd with god. There are lokas or realms with in realms in above and below dimensional realms _______________________

Bhu-mandala mentioned in vedas and our earth is plane circular ,there is firamnent dome at the edge of antarcatica covering earth ,it is Barrier,end if atmosphere which is 2nd realm.(America restricted people to research on antarcatica – Antarcatica treaty ),

Earth is stationary situated at centre of our uiniverse . Stars are not suns and are attached to firament dome. There is dome at the edge of every realm, first dome is end of atmosphere is about 30 to 40 miles up in sky,no solid object(expect subtle souls )penetrates this dome and go up, space agencies are lying that they go far into space reached moon,mars ,its all fake . they are luminaries and above dome.

Sun and moon are of samesize of 51 km diameter situated at an altitude of nearly 4000 km above flat earth (in one of those upper realms) rotating circularly ,both are selfluminious . (sun circulating between Tropic of cancer and capricorn ,seasons ouccur due to this) NASA faked moon landing,mars landing. There is nothing to land on , sun ,moon are luminaries and manifestation of god field.

There is great deception going on in the world, Evil NAGAS(reptilians,celestial serpent like subtle entities) of lower realms breeded with humans ,created Full breeds and cross breeds among humans on earth (they are ILLUMINATI FAMILIES) who controls modern science and have decieved us into believing fake heliocentric earth model. They are hiding god, divine truth from us. They are ruling the whole world by divide and rule way.


For thousands of years the “planets” were known as “wandering stars” as they differ from the fixed stars in their relative motions only. Through a telescope both the fixed stars and wandering “planets” appear as nothing more than tiny round dots of light, luminaries, circling the night sky. They do NOT appear in any way to be spherical Earth-like terra firma balls capable of landing on as the Freemasons at NASA would have us believe with their fake CGI pictures and videos

Throught a telecsope , planets and stars are identical,just tiny moving round dots of light.The “wandering stars” were so called because they differ from the other fixed stars in their relative motions.

The fixed stars remain fixed in their relative positions to each other in recognizable constellations all circling around the Polar star. Stars are attached to Firament

The wandering stars ,however,follow spiral orbits around the heavens(upper higher dimensional realms of earth )

The spiral pattern is the reason for the so-called “retrograde motion of the planets”,and was fully explained by the Geocentric Earth model for thousands of ears from Brahe,back to Ptolemy and before

“Planets” are just stars and stars are not distant suns trillions of miles away as NASA claims. They are simply luminaries,lights,not physical terra firma worlds like Earth.

And here is a big secret:

Planets( like CGI ) do not exist!

The ” wandering stars” are just stars and earth is a plane, not a planet!The word ” planet” is typically traced back to the ancient Greeks, who believed the Earth was stationary at the center of the universe while objects in the sky revolved around it.

The Greek term asters planetai mean “wandering stars” and described the tiny lights that moved across the sky more dramatically than stars when compared over weeks and months. These wandering stars, back then, amounted to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

During ancient times, five so-called stars seen by the naked eye were observed to move, unlike the other stars in the night sky that did not seem to move at all. At first, the Greeks called them “asters planetei,” or “wandering stars.” These first five planets observed were Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Even the sun and moon were numbered among the planets during ancient times because they both also moved against the backdrop of fixed stars.


know whats really happening around world

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know the TRUTH ,ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE of universe, creation which is hidden from humanity for centuries by ROTHSCHILD family, who are SECRETLY ruling over humanity today by DIVIDE AND RULE way , controlling world from the mainstream institutions of POLITICS, BUSINESS, BANKING, MEDIA, EDUCATION, SCIENCE,TECHNOLOGY, RELIGIONS,etc in the World._________________

Current world events explained. Now we are in a movie called WORLD WAR 3 .

Worlds wars 1 & 2 created by super-rich zionist jews ROTHSCHILDS, now they want to trigger WW3 before 2027 (starting of new cycle) to destroy us. some ancient texts waned us that ww3 world occur in the middle of 14 year transformation period starting from 21str dec 2012 to 21 dec 2026 i.e ww3 starts around dec 21st 2019 ,if not bfore 2026.

Rothschilds created central banking system to rule whole world,to control all govts,corporations,military,media,modern science,modern education,food,religions etc around world and making all countries,majority humaniy as debt slaves, working under modern system(govt,corporations etc) ,earning peanuts struggling for survival.

They own almost all central banks in the world today .

Rothschilds are manipulating wars between nations,destroying mother nature ,making earth as a hell for majority common people to live

High level evil intelligence created a hierarchical system to rule whole world in this iron age.

Know how this super-rich familiy ruling whole world COVERTLY by divide and rule way and diverted humanity towards modern lifestyle – Money , material things, desires,lust,perverted culture ,away from spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values and imprisoning them in this EXTERNAL REALITY(material reality),keeping them in survial mode,always busy working as slaves in modern system ,so that humanity remains distant from SPIRITUALITY ,GOD OR SELF REALISATION.

know how they doing it,know how to be free from their control system

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